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Hey there!! I am Chantel, the one behind the camera wanting to tell your adventure story.  My desire for photography has led me to my passion of capturing love in this beautiful state of Montana. I am lucky enough to have been raised in such a magical place, and I absolutely love telling the stories of those beautiful people who love Montana as much as I do! I am blessed to have the life of traveling with my own Love, Aamon. When I am not behind the camera telling your story, I spend my time in the field with him. Aamon is a commercial paleontologist who digs dinosaurs and petrified wood in Montana and Arizona! Of course, Ive always got my camera with me everywhere I go to capture those special moments and amazing backdrops! If you love adventure and the great outdoors, I would love to be the one to tell your story! So lets get some coffee or brunch, and chat about your Adventure Love Story!

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